Wireline (Borehole Geophysics)

Using a Mount Sopris Instruments® dual-probe borehole geophysical measurement system capable of 1600 feet in depth with an MGX II data logger, MTI is able to efficiently evaluate the following hydraulic parameters: Background Gamma, Self Potential, Single-Point Resistance, Normal Resistivity (four values), Fluid Resistivity, and Temperature. Used during well drilling to locate water-bearing zones and general lithologic parameters, wireline is the state-of-the-industry technology for evaluating hydraulic conductivity and yield for well pro duction. Most often the technology is used in large-diameter, open hole exploration for irrigation and municipal potable water sources. The probe, however, is roughly two-inches in diameter and can fit into much smaller

borings. Using optional, 360°, color camera equipment, MTI can also evaluate and inspect cased borings to evaluate screens and casings and other well problems.



Additional Services:

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