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  • Non-Destructive Testing

    Materials Testing & Inspection offers extensive services in both Non-Destructive Testing and Materials Science Engineering. A variety of testing techniques are employed to evaluate in-situ construction materials for quality, as-built construction, and failure.
  • Environmental Testing

    Materials Testing & Inspection has the capability to perform a broad range of services that include inspections relating to building demolition and renovation, indoor air quality, regulatory permitting, and new facility design and development.
  • Construction Materials Testing

    Materials Testing & Inspection has the largest pool of qualified special technicians and inspectors in the region; to include ICC, ACI, WAQTC, ITD, and ODOT certified technicians and inspectors.
  • Geothermal Testing

    Materials Testing & Inspection recognizes that the first step with any proposed construction should be a thorough geotechnical investigation followed by field sample analysis and engineering recommendations.