construction materials

Tunnel Form Construction

Tunnel form CIP is a modern method of construction (MCC) of building cellular structures using reinforced concrete. The method combines the quality, speed, and accuracy of factory production with the flexibility of on-site building.

Metallic Wonders

Though advanced ceramics, carbon fibers, and other new materials become more prevalent in construction, metals are not about to give up their dominance yet. Here are some fascinating metal materials you may not know about:

Amorphous Metal is basically metal lava or metallic glass. Composed completely of metallic atoms, it is cooled quickly before the atoms can align into a crystal structure. The disordered structure makes the metal amazingly hard, twice as hard as steel alloys of similar mass and volume. The downside is that its hardness also makes it brittle—just like glass.

Translucent Concrete

Concrete is among the most versatile and rapidly evolving construction materials. Highly specialized structural applications are common; but in recent years more and more fascinating non-structural uses have come into the industry.

One such product is translucent concrete. If you ever wished your walls or ceilings could be see-through, here you go… The material works by batching parallel strands of optical fiber into the concrete.

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