concrete cracking

Tech Bulletin No. 6 - Hot-Weather Concrete Practice

Evaporation Rate Nomograph

In case you thought winter would never end—look out, summer is here!

With it comes a change in concrete practice. Temperature, humidity and wind create challenges to proper placement and curing.

The Evaporation Rate Nomograph (shown above) is a tool developed by the NRMCA in 1960 to combat rapid-drying problems such as plastic shrinkage cracking. The example line in light blue shows the steps and variables needed to determining evaporation rate.

Tech Bulletin No. 3 - Self-Healing Concretes

Lab Press stressing concrete slab

Autogenous healing of concrete is a phenomenon whereby ion-rich pore solutions migrating through the capillary porosity of cement can deposit cement compounds within cracks and voids, thereby healing small areas of damage. The process requires that water be present in the pores of the cement and typically takes many years.

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