Site Cleanup

Choosing a particular cleanup response is based on many factors. The process is simplified by tried-and-true methods as well as State and Federal regulatory guidelines. MTI is trained and knowledgeable in all applicable EPA, OSHA, and state and federal Administrative Rules. Our professionals have received training in REM, RBDM, and MCTA risk-based evaluation methods. Those methods, formerly known as Risk-Based Correction Action (RBCA) and now called the Risk Evaluation Manual (REM), are the standards used to perform Tier 0, 1, and 2 closure assessments, prepare Corrective Action Plans (CAP), and implement cleanup procedures. Cleanup may involve in-place remediation techniques such as Air-Sparge and Vapor Extraction, Bioremediation, and Natural Attenuation. They may include Excavation and Land-Farming or Disposal, Pump-and-Treat Groundwater Systems, periodic monitoring or a combination of multiple techniques. MTI has the skills and experience to confront any type of cleanup challenge.

For additional information, please contact:

James Kuchera, P.G.
Senior Project Manager