Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

ESAs call for special expertise. MTI's Environmental Services department is a pioneer in performing environmental site assessments (ESAs) in Idaho. Initially there were no guidelines, protocols, or regulations requiring assessments-much less governing how they were to be performed or what they were to include. With the potential for often overwhelming liability on the part of landowners and financial backers, MTI developed one of the early assessment protocols in Boise to determine and establish effective baselines and quality control guidelines. This protocol has been followed by many locally and is a mirror image of the nationwide protocols established today.

MTI now conforms to the latest standard, ASTME1527-13 and also offers a variety of similar assessments including Desktop Review, Transaction Screenings (ASTM E 1528) and rural land ESAs (ASTM E 2247). MTI follows carefully developed protocols to ensure accurate and high quality assessments. All work meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule by using only qualified Environmental Professionals (EP) to perform or supervise assessments. MTI’s internal quality system also requires a technical peer review by a licensed professional geologist or engineer. MTI provides high quality, competitive pricing and rapid turnaround time. MTI's ESAs can be modified to include an in-depth quantitative and qualitative investigation to identify the presence or likely presence of hazardous substances or petroleum products in structures on the property or in the ground, groundwater, or surface water of the property.

MTI also provides consulting services to those needing an independent opinion or review of an assessment performed by another firm. MTI's goal is to provide the customer with superior service at a reasonable cost on an as-needed basis. Our professionals are trained and highly experienced in Idaho Risk Evaluation Manual (REM), Oregon Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM), and Washington Model Toxics Control Act (MCTA) risk evaluation programs and the standards to perform closure assessments, prepare Corrective Action Plans (CAP) and implement and complete remediation projects. With this type of service and the in-house expertise available, MTI continues to be a leader in the environmental service industry.

For additional information, please contact:

Jennifer Babione
Environmental Services Assistant Manager