Each MTI office has construction materials laboratories. Each laboratory has state-of the-art equipment that is continually inspected and calibrated in accordance with the highest industry quality assurance standards. Each laboratory can test materials such as soils, aggregates, concrete, masonry, steel, and asphalt.

  •     Capabilities – MTI has extensive laboratory capabilities that are not limited to the items listed below. If you have any questions on our capabilities, please do not hesitate to call our corporate office at 1-800-376-9754 for more details. A few of our laboratory’s capabilities are”
  •         Soils – Soils are tested in our laboratories to define soil properties, characteristics, and to find optimum moisture content. Findings are used to determine project specifications, as well as to identify possible constructability issues. Soils laboratory testing in not limited to, but includes: plasticity index, bearing ratio of compacted soil, direct shear, expansion index, organic content, hydraulic conductivity, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, expansion pressure of compacted soils, pH, and classification testing.
  •         Aggregates – The quality of aggregates can be determined through laboratory testing. These tests are not limited to, but include: flat and elongated particles, fracture face, gradation analysis, organic impurities, sand equivalent, specific gravity, sulfate soundness, and unit weight testing.
  •         Concrete/Masonry – MTI provides mix designs for concrete, mortar, and grout, as well as mix design verification for each material. Each laboratory has the capability to perform compressive strength and flexural strength testing on concrete, mortar, and grout. Other unique tests for these materials are not limited to, but include: shrinkage, absorption, density, moisture content, and alkali silica reactivity (ASR).
  •         Steel – In addition to MTI’s field inspections of structural steel with radiography (x-ray), ultrasonic, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and visual inspections, MTI provides laboratory testing of steel. Tests are not limited to, but include: tensile strength, bend, micro etching, etc.
  •         Asphalt – Laboratory services for asphalt include mix designs and mix design verification, along with other associated tests such as gradations and extractions. MTI’s staff has extensive experience with Superpave, Marshall, and Hveem mix designs and provides services to contractors and state transportation departments. MTI provides laboratory services and is familiar with state transportation departments, local highway districts, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal Highway Administration, just to name a few.
  •     Certifications - MTI’s Laboratory is an accredited member of the Cement & Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) & AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) inspection and sample reference programs. In addition MTI is accredited by AMRL for ASTM E329. MTI's accreditation includes, but is not limited to E 329, D 3740, D 3666, and C1077. MTI is also approved by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), United States Army Corps of Engineers Materials Testing Center (USACE-MTC), and the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO). In addition, MTI's Boise and Idaho Falls laboratories operate under ISO / IEC 17025 and are accredited by International Accreditation Services (IAS).