Asphaltic Concrete is inspected and tested to ascertain that all specified conditions meet the acceptable criteria specified.

  •     Asphalt Placement - Monitoring and/or establishing a rolling pattern to determine compaction procedures, perform in-place densities, and monitor lay-down temperature. Obtain core samples to determine mat thickness and unit weight in order to correlate the nuclear densometer. Determine oil content, gradation, and Marshall/Hveem/Gyratory (SuperPave) properties.
  •     Asphalt Mix Designs – MTI’s laboratory has the equipment and ability to perform Marshall, Hveem, and Gyratory (Superpave) mix designs and mix design verifications. MTI’s laboratory facility is accredited by AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) & Cement Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) inspection and sample reference programs. These inspections are required to meet ASTM E 329 (Standard Practice for Use in Evaluation of Testing and Inspection Agencies). In addition, MTI is accredited by the US Army Corps of Engineers Materials Testing Center.
  •     Transportation Department Capabilities – MTI has extensive experience working with local highway districts and state transportation departments. MTI maintains multiple state transportation department inspected laboratories, as well as having multiple inspected and certified mobile laboratories for contractor and state use.