Industrial radiography uses an X-ray device or radioactive isotope as a source of radiation. Once the radiographic film or image is processed an image of varying density is obtained. The image of imperfections is identified through density changes and analyzed by a qualified industrial radiographer. After more than a century, radiographic inspection is still the nondestructive method of choice for most projects, whether in the laboratory or in the field. Examples of application of radiographic inspection are:

  • Pipeline welded joint inspection
  • Pressure vessel fabrication quality control
  • Welder qualification testing
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Detect Discontinuities in weld
  • Determine the extent of corrosion (internal and external)
  • Locate reinforcement bar and conduit
  • Locate post-tension cables
  • Detect Discontinuities in weld

MTI is equipped with mobile equipment for on-site inspection and testing to certify to the highest testing standards on a wide variety of products.


Additional Services:

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