Elcometer 3312 Model SH Concrete Covermeter

The Elcometer can locate the position of embedded reinforcing steel, accurately measure the thickness of concrete cover, and estimate the diameter of rebar - a feature not previously available to the industry. Used in conjunction with our Ground Penetrating Rebar (GPR), MTI can provide very detailed information on rebar and post-tensioned cables to engineers, builders, and concrete coring specialists. In addition, to being able to locate and measure rebar, using a copper-copper sulfate half-cell wand, the device doubles as a corrosion potentiometer. In this configuration, a trained technician can identify the presence of corrosion on embedded rebar. Even when no surface evidence is apparent, the half-cell potentiometer can predict the presence of corrosion based on electrical micro-current within the rebar structure. Because damage from corrosion does not become apparent until after it's too late, this tool is critical to the proper evaluation of concrete structures. This Elcometer potentiometer conforms to ASTM C 876-09 and can be used on slabs, walls, elevated decks, and many other concrete elements.  


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