Tunnel Form Construction

Tunnel form CIP is a modern method of construction (MCC) of building cellular structures using reinforced concrete. The method combines the quality, speed, and accuracy of factory production with the flexibility of on-site building.

Most useful in hotel, condo, apartments, and office buildings that require repetitive units, the method allows the placement of walls and decks simultaneously. As much as 4000 square feet of single-story can be built per day.

The formworks panels can be re-used 500 to 1000 times and can accommodate boxouts for windows, doors, stairwells, and utility ducts. A tower crane is necessary to assemble the formwork.

The major incentive is very fast-paced construction and 20 to 35% reduction in building cost for large projects. Even small buildings such as homes and mixed-use retail have been built using this technique.

Seeing is believing; watch the videos below.

Learn more: cement.org; currentbuilders.com;

researchgate.net; youtube.com;