3D Printed Steel Bridge

3D printing technology has quickly advanced from science-fiction to concept to novelty to legitimate construction technique in an amazingly short timespan.

3D printing works like standard printing but adds the vertical dimension to the normal up-down, left-right dimensions inn order to ‘build-up’ a shape.

Instead of ink, 3D printing uses thermal set materials that flow as hot liquid and quickly cool into a solid at STP. These materials include glass, plastic, and metal. Other materials can be fluid suspensions that harden by drying or curing such as plaster, concrete, and epoxy resin.

The metal bridge is being constructed in Amsterdam by the Dutch company MX3D. The ornate pedestrian bridge will be printed in a test lot in downtown and will ultimately span a small canal.

The rendering at upper left shows the printer mounted to a segment of finished bridge as it prints more bridge in front of itself.

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